Therapy Platform

US PATENT D, 441, 093

Performance Advantages

  • Design achieves optimum performance, comfort, and ergonomic protection.

  • Therapy Platforms® innovative rigid “backing” prevents bunching, curling, shifting and snaking – no more tape, glue, screws, or trip hazards.

  • Three mats combined in one with sealed closed cell foam for maximum comfort and long lifespan.

  • Therapeutic relief of muscle/joint aches, fatigue and discomfort.

  • High-tech sure footed traction, flame retardant, housekeeping friendly.

  • Increase productivity, quality, morale, health and safety.

  • Available with optional electrostatic dissipative properties (ESD) 1×10 ohms.

  • Robust construction with a sealed foam core – 3 year warranty

  • Available in multiple sizes:

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Therapy Platform’s Ingenius Protection Technology

Therapeutic Benefits


  • Muscle/Joint Aches

  • Fatigue and

  • Discomfort