Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes your ergonomics products better than similar products by other manufacturers?2019-10-30T05:58:56-07:00

Our commitment to excellence in producing the most results-driven ergonomic products available starts with a unique and in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. This awareness, which is based on extensive research across multiple industries, helps drive product innovation that focuses intently on providing a comprehensive solution to key industry needs. We strive to solve problems at multiple levels, and our management team has more than 200 years of combined experience in manufacturing. Because we refuse to compromise on quality and product performance at every level, our products consistently achieve high customer satisfaction for therapeutic comfort, quality and longevity. ERGOBUDDY® products are made to satisfy the highest possible design and Industrial standards and ultimately provide JTC’s customers’ ROI many times over.

How long as your company been in business?2019-10-30T05:58:38-07:00

Johnson Technologies Corporation (JTC) has been in business since 1987.

What type of companies use your products?2019-10-30T05:59:20-07:00

Our ergonomic products are suitable for most any type of business, including manufacturing facilities, commercial operations, distribution centers, assembly lines, schools, medical, dental and veterinarian offices or anywhere where employees are standing for long periods of time.

How do I find out more information about your products?2019-10-30T06:02:49-07:00

Information about all our products, including flyers and brochures is on our Products Page. If you need additional information about our products, Click Here for our online product inquiry.

How do I become a retailer or distributor of your insole products?2019-10-30T06:03:24-07:00

If you are interested in becoming a retailer for our insole products, please call us at 800-229-1930 with any inquiries.

Are your products made in the USA?2019-10-30T06:03:53-07:00

Yes, ERGOBUDDY® products are made in our factory in Nashville, Tennessee. The patented ERGOSERT technology featured in the Therapy Platforms’ insoles is also made in the USA. Although the ERGOBUDDY® insoles are currently assembled in the PRC, they are final inspected and packaged in the USA.

Are your products resistant to chemicals and industrial fluids?2019-10-30T06:04:22-07:00

Our products are resistant to most chemicals and industrial fluids. If you have a question about a specific chemical or fluid, please call us with the chemical information and send us a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) if available, of the chemical or fluid.

Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on your products?2019-10-30T06:05:05-07:00

Ergobuddy® products fall under the definition of “Articles” as outlined by OSHA. This means that under normal conditions, there is no expectation that our products release amounts of hazardous materials that pose a physical hazard or health risk to our customers. So no MSDS is available or required for our products.